Mark Levin: I Detest the Republican Establishment More than I Detest the Democrats

‘The Republican Party – I am a member – it does not represent me, I don’t know what it represents’

HANNITY: “It's interesting to me, and here's my prediction. I think the so-called establishment -- I think they're going to eventually rally around one establishment candidate and hope that the conservative voters splinter off into different candidates. And ultimately, they will plot, they will plan, they will scheme to destroy the conservative in this race. Now, we can look at Thad Cochran and that whole issue that took place in Mississippi. You had leaders of the House and Senate bragging about the 2014 elections and how they beat the Tea Party. Who do you think wins this battle in the end?”

LEVIN: “Well, we better win the battle or we're going to lose the country. The Republican establishment, other than two terms of Ronald Reagan, has had its way with the Republican Party. Look, the Republican Party -- I'm a member. It doesn't represent me. I don't know what it represents. It doesn't know what it represents. Look, a few years ago, we had another guy stand up who was courageous, who was fresh, Ted Cruz in the United States Senate two years ago. He said, OK, we campaigned to defund ObamaCare, then let's do it. And what happened? He was slammed! He was smeared by the Republican establishment, by so-called leaders in Congress, by their surrogates in the media. If it wasn't Trump, it would be Cruz they attack. If it wasn't Cruz, it would be Walker, it would be somebody else. We know who they want, and the guy that they want is not the guy that's going to be the person who I think can get elected president of the United States. He doesn't even act like, Jeb, like he wants to be president.”

HANNITY: “So how do -- so all right –“

LEVIN: “He seems to go through the motions. He talks into his chest. I don't know where the guy is going!”

HANNITY: “So you got Trump, you got Cruz, you got Walker, you have Ben Carson, four insurgent candidates that are doing pretty well by every objective standard if you put their numbers together. So what is the strategy that will be employed by the big money? For example, that part of the Republican Party that doesn't want to build the wall because they want cheap labor. So what is their strategy to defeat the insurgency?”

LEVIN: “Well, you know what's amazing to me? Barack Obama goes on, he comes into the presidency, he talks about, you know, these jobs he's going to create and infrastructure and they blow $800 billion. We have nothing to show for it. So now we want to build a wall on the southern border to protect America's sovereignty, to protect us from drug cartels, to protect us from terrorists, and so forth, so we can actually manage a legal immigration system. And what do they say? It's too expensive. It's too complicated. The American people are sick of this! As for the Republican establishment, I detest them more than I detest the Democrats. And I'm going to tell you why. If they had had their way, Ronald Reagan would have never been president. He would never have had a chance to win two massive landslides. We have got to bust through this Republican establishment, their donors, their consultants, their media surrogates. We're going to have to bust through them to give people an opportunity to actually vote for a conservative –“

HANNITY: “All right.”

LEVIN: “-- for president of the United States. And if you're under 45 -- I've said this many times -- you've never had the chance! It's inspiring. It's invigorating. It's exciting.”

HANNITY: “For the first time.”

LEVIN: “We need to have the difference between a conservative, a principled, articulate conservative, and one of the left-wing kooks who's running in the Democrat Party!”



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