Rep. Crenshaw: Teachers Unions Have Pitted Themselves Against Regular Parents

‘Teachers unions are not relying on any kind of science or logic’


CRENSHAW: "Yeah, that’s a great point, because the teachers unions have pitted themselves against the regular parents, the regular Americans out there. They’ve done so in a variety of ways, whether it’s mask mandates or the vaccine mandates or them refusing to come into class. In northern Virginia, in particular, this was a really bad problem. I’m up in D.C. a lot, I have staff that have kids out there. And the parents were really, really getting frustrated with the school closures over the past year and a half, the mask wearing that everybody knows is unnecessary for small children, and they just keep doing it anyway. And the teachers unions are not relying on any kind of science or logic or reason, this really gets the parents.”

(via Fox News)

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