Sen. Cotton to AG Garland: National Security Division ‘Is Supposed To Be Chasing Jihadists and Chinese Spies,’ Not Concerned Parents

‘What does the National Security Division have to do with parents at school boards?’


GARLAND: "Nothing in this memorandum or any memorandum is about parents expressing disagreements with their school boards. The memorandum makes clear that parents are entitled and protected by the First Amendment. Vigorous debates, we don’t -- the Justice Department is not interested in that question at all." [crosstalk]
COTTON: "OK. So even in that case, what is the national security division, judge? These are people that are supposed to be chasing jihadist and Chinese spies. What does the national security division have to do with parents at school boards?"
GARLAND: "This is not, again, about parents at school boards, it’s about the threats of violence."

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