Biden’s Decision Partly Tied to Tops Dems and Donors’ Concern over Hillary’s Server

‘President Obama gave Biden the green light to seriously consider a White House run’

O’DONNELL: “There is a new sign this morning that Vice President Joe Biden might run for the Democratic nomination. CBS News has learned that President Obama gave Biden the green light to seriously consider a White House run. Julianna Goldman was the first to report that news. She is in Washington with new information again this morning. Julianna, good morning.”

GOLDMAN: “Good morning. Well, it's in part just out of respect which the president believe the vice president has more than earned but yesterday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, Obama believes putting Biden on the ticket was the best political decision that he’s made.”

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EARNESTL: “I think that should give you some sense of the president's view of Vice President Biden’s aptitude for the top job.”

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GOLDMAN: “The president's blessing is important because if Biden does get in it, would obviously be awkward with his vice president running against his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but the former administration official tells us there are a number of mid to senior members of the Obama orbit still on the sidelines who would work for Biden. Now the intensity to his decision process it’s partly calendar driven… expect a decision by late September, ahead of the first Democratic debate in October and it’s also tied to growing concerns from top Democrats and donors about the fallout from Clinton’s private e-mail server.”

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