Ambassador to China Nominee Nicholas Burns: ‘We Don’t Know How This Virus Originated for Sure’

‘There are multiple theories and the Chinese need to answer the questions’


BURNS: "So senator, I spoke often about this issue of U.S.-China relations at that period of time. And I believe that quote from the Kennedy School event was directed to President Trump’s use of the term 'Wuhan Virus,' which I did not think would be effective with the Chinese government or Chinese people or people around the world. It had nothing to do with the origins of the crisis of the pandemic. My position has been all along and continues to this day, we need to investigate. We don’t know where the -- how this virus originated for sure. There are multiple theories and that Chinese need to answer the questions. So I have never been a proponent of either one of these two options, but I think as President Biden has said, we need to push the Chinese to come clean about what happened."

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