CNN’s Avlon: To Defend Our Democracy, Just Follow the Damn Law

‘The rioters should be charged with what they did’

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AVLON: "If you refuse to answer a subpoena, you should be held in contempt of court or Congress, as the case may be. That’s why the January 6th investigation committee is 100% right to pursue criminal contempt charges against Steve Bannon. Look, one of the reasons we’re in this mess is because the Trump administration withered the muscle memory around actually enforcing the law, often through obstruction, [inaudible] counsel's opinions and the general politicization of the DoJ. When confronted by congressional subpoenas for its inner circle, they stalled for time, essentially proving that delay can mean denial of justice. And all that has got to stop. Enforcing the law without fear of favor is the minimum that a return to normal requires. In other words, to defend our democracy, just follow the damn law. This applies to issues big and small. That’s why it’s appropriate to see Trump required to give a deposition in an assault case involving his security team during a demonstration outside Trump Tower.”

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