Rep. Banks: Creating Climate Militia to Enforce GND, Hiring 87,000 IRS Agents, $700,000 Fines for Not Enforcing Vax Mandates Is in Dems’ Reconciliation Bill

‘This bill will shut down your daycares’


BANKS: "Well, Harris, I noticed that Republicans have rightly so focused on the price tag. Over $5 trillion in spending between the fake infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill. And talking about what that will do to inflation. But unfortunately the bill still polls fairly well among the American people because they don’t know exactly what's in the bill. So the Republican Study Committee, the group that I chair, we found, as you said, 42 reasons, each of them alone are good reasons to vote against this massive bill to -- to turn our country into a socialist nation overnight. But when you dig into it you find thing like billion dollars to fix what they called -- they called racist roads and bridges, which is crazy, I don’t even know what that means. Creating a climate police department or a militia to go out and enforce Green New Deal policies at the federal level. Not just giving free college education to illegal immigrants but giving them child tax credits as well to those who come here illegally. This bill will shut down your daycare. Because -- because daycares will now have to hire college educated employees. So you probably won't be able to afford the daycare that you go to it or it will have to shut down altogether. And then -- and then on top of that, 700,000 first time fines for your employer if they don’t abide by the Biden vaccination mandates. So, each and every one of these reasons alone --"
FAULKNER: "700,000."
BANKS: "-- are reasons to vote against it, but overall it's -- it's just a dangerous bill."

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