Pirro: MSM Has Made a Father Whose Daughter Was Raped By Skirt-Wearing Man the Poster Boy for Domestic Terrorism

‘This story encapsulates virtually every issue you been talking about for the last couple of years’


PIRRO: "But what you’ve got here is a father who became a poster boy for the left, one like the ditz before me that you had on from MSNBC saying he should have been beaten worse, but he became a poster boy for The National School Board Association. He was referred to as a domestic terrorist. That was a letter that they sent to Merrick Garland that caused him to refer to parents as domestic terrorists and then sic the FBI after these parents at school board meetings. But the worst part of all of this is that they covered it up. They covered it up because when they had a meeting to determine whether or not they would support this transgender policy, as well as CRT, vaccines, masks, the superintendent gets up in front of those parents and he says, 'There are no records of sexual assaults that I know of in this school.' Meanwhile, there was one within a month before. And then he turns to a red herring and he says 'TIME' magazine says this is all ridiculous anyway. The father at that point is like ballistic. His daughter has been forcibly raped and sodomized, and he then starts to disagree and the police come after him. Here's the bottom line. You have got the right to assemble, the right to address grievances, First Amendment. None of that is working in Loudoun County or anywhere in the United States now."

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