Ben Carson: ‘I Used To Be a Democrat,’ a ‘Pretty Left Wing Democrat’

‘Over the course of time my views have changed pretty dramatically’

ACOSTA: “And, Dr. Carson, one of the issues that you are very passionate about is the issue of abortion and your pro-life views. I want to ask you about something that occurred back in Maryland in 1992. You became involved in a political campaign. You were on the pro-life side of a ballot measure, but then joined the pro-choice or anti-abortion - excuse me - pro-abortion forces at a press conference to denounce that very same ad. Let's take a look at this ad, and I want to get your explanation about it.”

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UNKNOWN MALE: “First, he asked voters to vote against the abortion referendum. Now renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson says he regrets that.”

CARSON: “My message is not to vote for or against Question 6, but to educate yourself.”

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ACOSTA: “Obviously, some of your adversaries out there are bringing this to light, in part because they want to get to the bottom of where you stand on this, or where you stood on this back in 1992. Can you clarify what was going on there during that abortion question that was on the ballot in Maryland in 1992?”

CARSON: “I make no bones about the fact that I used to be a Democrat. I used to be a pretty left-wing Democrat, in fact. Over the course of time, you know, my views have changed very dramatically. In 1992, I personally was against abortion, but I was not for causing anybody else to do anything. I was pro-choice in that region. I have changed because I have learned a lot of things. And I began to think about, if abolitionists a long time ago had said, I don't believe in slavery, but anybody else can do it if they want to, where would we be today? So, that changed my opinion of a lot of things.”

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