Hilton Mocks Kamala Harris: A Vaccinated Individual Who Fears Getting Covid from the Unvaccinated Is a Science Denier

‘None of this makes sense’


HILTON: "Now, people have talked about this as a media story, but isn't the real story something much more significant? The fact that the people in charge seem to have completely lost their mind. Kamala Harris is fully vaccinated. We know that because she showed us. The vaccine is highly effective. We know that because they never stop telling us. So the question is, why did Kamala Harris care whether or not Ana Navarro or Sunny Hostin — who are also fully vaccinated — had Corona when she was about to sit down with them? Is it something to do with the much more transmissible Delta variant, these breakthrough cases they want us all to be terrified of, people getting vaccinated getting sick from Covid? Well, no, that can't be the reason because if you look at the data, as David Leonhardt in 'The New York Times' did, 'The Covid risks for most vaccinated people are of the same order of magnitude as risks that people unthinkingly accept every day, like riding in a vehicle.' Has Kamala Harris stopped being driven around? Of course not. She'll never stop being driven around. But the point is, none of this makes sense. If you think vaccinated Americans should fear getting Covid from unvaccinated Americans or anyone, then you are obviously a science denier. But as we explained last Sunday, these days it's not about science, it's about my science, speaking my truth, living my science.” 

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