Revolver News’ Beattie: FBI Informants’ Presence in Jan 6th Protest Destroys Case Against Militias that It Was a Pre-Planned Attack

‘Either the FBI has to address new questions of why if they had a bunch of informants’


BEATTIE: “But the real beauty part about this is that, even as this narrative shift protects the downside for the feds from that type of exposure, it completely blows up another foundational pillar of the official narrative of 1/6, which is that it was a conspiracy, which it was this pre-planned attack that was set up in advance and that's why it's like 9/11. It's the basis of the prosecution of all of the militia groups essentially associated 1/6, and furthermore, it's the basis of the entire 1/6 commission, so they're really stuck in a bind. Either the FBI has to address new questions of why, if they had a bunch of informants and they were presumably informed, they didn't stop it or why this whole narrative that they've been telling us about a conspiracy that was pre-planned that serves as the basis of multiple high-level prosecutions and the commission itself, why that was false. It's either one or the other." 

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