Trump on Immigration: ‘I Have To Do the Right Thing’

‘This country is so politically correct, nobody wants to take a stance on anything’

CUOMO: “Immigration.”
TRUMP: “Right.”
CUOMO: “Your people in the GOP worried that you are going to alienate excuse the pun, the Hispanic population when you have 28 million.”
TRUMP: “Because I have to do the right thing.”
CUOMO: “We have 28 million voters –“
TRUMP: “You’re right.”
CUOMO: “-- pulling the birthright exception that maybe constitutionally dubious, you shouldn’t be taking such an extreme position what do you say?”
TRUMP: “I have to do the right thing. It’s the time, you know, this country is so politically correct, nobody wants to take a stance on anything. I was the one that brought up and I took a lot of heat, you it gave it to me too. I mean you were one of the leaders that first week and week and a half after I made the announcements and a lot of people including yourselves, they were not reading at the way I said it and that is now fact. And I’ve been actually completed by some of the people that because I brought up the whole thing of illegal in immigration, I’ll bet you wouldn’t be asking this question right now, had I not put that in my opening statement as a very important thing.” 
CUOMO: “You definitely change the nature of the dialogue, I’ll give you that and I certainly never. We try to take here out of context, to try to take at your words and put it in context.”
TRUMP: “I know, what I’m saying many people did –“
CUOMO: “Are you say -- would you then go –“
TRUMP: “At some point all we have to — look at some point we have to be honest with ourselves. It’s cause, you know, they now they like to use the word undocumented because it’s more political. I don’t use that word. Here, illegal immigrants, they came over illegally. Some are wonderful people and they have been here for a while they got to go out.”
CUOMO: “But how you do it in a practical way? You really think you go around and eliminate people?”
TRUMP: “Well, you know what? At some point we’re going to try getting a back - the good ones. We have a lot good ones here, same time –“
CUOMO: “You’re sending a mixed message though Mr. Trump because you say you’re going to get rid the whole families but then you say you want to back –“
TRUMP: “You’re going to do it, they’re illegal. We have a country. We have to have a border. We have to build a wall. Mexico will pay for the wall. I got to kick out this guys that never negotiated, they can’t negotiate for their own house.”
CUOMO: “Assuming that they’re going to pay for $4 billion wall and you give them like $280 million a year. Why would you say yes?”
TRUMP: “You know what, because they make a fortune with us. Our companies are moving into Mexico more than almost any other place right now. We are losing our industry. We’re losing our business to Mexico. They are leaders as smart as hell, I mean 300,000 I look that in your show. 300,000 births this year illegals in our country, that means we picked up 300,000 people that are going to get Social Security. U.S. people on the border and in one day they walk over and have a baby and now all of the sudden we’re supposed to pay the baby?”
CUOMO: “So the citizenship for those babies, you would revoke it, now in retroactively?”
TRUMP: “Number one the 14th amendment is very questionable as to whether or not somebody can come over and have a baby and immediately that baby is a citizen.”
CUOMO: “I know. The court has pretty much said and agreed that immigrants here, this isn’t a minority legal opinion you are talking about.”
TRUMP: “Chris, there are many people that totally feel that –“
CUOMO: “They may have want it that way.”
TRUMP: “-- amending is too big of deal it’s going to be take — it will be two terms, I’d be in my second term on my 8th year by the time assuming everything went smoothly because to amend the constitution –“
CUOMO: “Takes a long time.”
TRUMP: “I believe –“
CUOMO: “Especially on a very divisive issue.”
TRUMP: “I believe you can win it legally OK? I believe you can win it legally. And in any event the parents have to leave, if the parents leave unless they are very bad people they got to take it their baby.”
CUOMO: “Seventy-five percent of the country feels that you should be trying to find the way to let people stay with conditions as supposed to kicking everybody else.”
TRUMP: “This people, the really good ones and we have some great ones, what they are trying expedite so they can come back but they going to come back legally. Let me tell you, when you look at Baltimore, when you look at Chicago, when you look at the crime that’s going on, you have some of this people are illegal immigrants, I mean they’re illegal they keep coming to the country, they’re gang members, they’re the toughest of the group they’re tough –“
CUOMO: “So bad but, you know, most of them came here –“
TRUMP: “-- don’t came here I get them out –“
CUOMO: “-- to fight for their dream.”
TRUMP: “-- before I started building the wall and I will start building that wall soon. I will get them up, the first thing I’m doing is getting the bad ones out and they are gone and they’re not coming back either. I’m going to increase the hell out of the border in terms of the guards and the border patrol I got them all a lot of them when I went to the border recently and their fantastic. They want to be able to do their job. They’re stopped from doing their job, before I even start the wall and I will start the wall very quickly. You know, one of the things that holding up the wall, environmental impact statements, can you believe this, environmental impact system.”
CUOMO: “I think it’s going to be low in the list.”
TRUMP: “If -- but that’s one on the things I can’t environmental permits, can you believe this OK, believe me that’s will I do as I get permits.”
CUOMO: “What about going after the employers, now this isn’t a cheap thing to come at you and say you are one of them?”
TRUMP: “That’s true.”
CUOMO: “But you have this employers –“
TRUMP: “Well, you know, what have they check all my buildings and so far with all of the jobs I have Washington, everyone nobody’s found one –“
CUOMO: “Well, good for you.”
TRUMP: “Are you impressed?”
CUOMO: “Good for you, I was impressed the moment you sat down. What I’m saying is you have this employers the agro-companies, the other big manufactures, they take him because it’s cheap labor, and they get away with it all the time you never hear about a big case of them getting busted unless –“
TRUMP: “Yeah.”
CUOMO: “-- you know, something happens and it goes away, why does anybody make amendment part of the solution?”
TRUMP: “First of all we do have people that can do those jobs and their unemployed now in this country, second of all those good people that have been working with U.S., I wanted to come back in, I wanted him to go out but I want him to come back in legally, so they can come back and they can work for those companies, I do want them to come back –“
CUOMO: “But do you go after the employers and do it on wrong way?”
TRUMP: “Well one way you find out who they are is through the employers, absolutely.”


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