Tucker Carlson Says Military Carried Out Drone Strike That Killed 10 to Show Biden Isn’t ‘Senile and Totally Incompetent’

‘At the time, even Democrats were pointing out the obvious: Joe Biden is senile and totally incompetent’

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CARLSON: “Tucker Carlson tonight. As American forces were pulling out of Afghanistan this summer, the chairman of the joint chiefs of the joint chiefs of staff announced a new and highly innovative intelligence partnership. The pentagon he explained would begin sharing classified information with the taliban. Yes, the taliban. The beard is really just extremist and me in pajamas that for 23 years have we have been told a major threat to us in the United States. But no longer, they are our partners now. The Biden ministration explained and even open to coordinating with the taliban on counterterrorism strikes against our new enemy, a shadowy group that may or may not actually exist called ISIS k.”

(Via Mediaite)

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