Kimmel: Biden Always Gets Away with Forgetting People’s Names on TV

‘We should consider ourselves lucky he didn’t call him ‘Kangaroo Jack’’


KIMMEL: "Meanwhile, President Biden had an uncomfortable moment yesterday. During a video call at the White House, grand POTUS appeared to forget the name of the Australian prime minister."

[clip starts]
BIDEN: "Thank you, Boris and — I want to thank that fellow Down Under. Thank you very much, pal. I appreciate it, Mr. Prime Minister."
[clip ends]

KIMMEL: "Yeah. You know what? We should consider ourselves lucky he didn’t call him Kangaroo Jack.
Biden gets away with stuff like this all the time. You spend your whole life calling people 'pal' and 'sport', whoever knows if you forgot their name or not yet. But needless to say, the right wing had some fun with this, pointing it as proof that Biden is senile, that he’s lost it, because one thing we know about Donald Trump is that he never ever screwed up anyone’s name."

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