Hannity Panel: ‘We Are So Lucky’ AOC Represented Us at the Met Gala; A $30K Ticket Event So Little People Can Take Part

‘One of the most frustrating aspect of this for me personally is to see how she is fawned over by the media’


L. TRUMP: "Wow. I mean, I love how these are the folks that love to lecture us about the injustices, the inequalities in the world. And she went there, Sean — we're so lucky because she went there for all of us. She went there to spread a message. She went there for us, the little people. It’s so ridiculous to think that she had to suffer through the champagne and the caviar of arguably the most elite event in America because she needs to spread her social justice message. It’s absurd to see. But I think one of the most frustrating aspects of all of this for me personally is to see the way she's continually fawned over by the media, she can do no wrong. I would like to know one good thing, Sean, she’s actually done for her constituents in the Bronx and Queens in New York. Heck, I remember when she ran thousands of jobs out when she ran Amazon out of New York. She has never done anything for the people that she represents, yet she gets lauded by the media. And then you have people like my husband who on the other hand raised $20 million for pediatric cancer and gets painted like a monster by that same media. It is disgusting and disgraceful. And here you see the result. You see this woman flaunting this at the Met Gala, as though she is not phony enough already. There you go, folks."

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