MSNBC’s McCaffrey: Gen. Milley Was Just Trying to Prevent ‘World War 1’ from Erupting

‘He was scared to death of what the country was on the edge of’

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MCCAFFREY: “You know, throughout this whole period I had rather firsthand understanding of what was going on in government and it scared me. I was convinced without question that we were on the edge of an ultimate constitutional crisis. I thought it was unlikely that Trump would use nuclear weapons, although he had full legal and constitutional authority in theory to command that. But the one that bothered me the most was the secretary of defense was an acting sec def. Constitution says the Senate will be involved in approving senior officers of government. There was nobody left. So I think what General Milley was doing — and by the way, routinely, the chairman, the service chiefs, the joint combatant commander routinely are in contact with their counterparts globally. It’s part of the deterrence of unwanted combat. I think he felt it important to not end up with a World War I start of a war through miscalculation on the part of the Chinese. Though again, I think we ought to be fortunate, we’ve got this Princeton grad, tremendous combat officer, extremely intelligent, law based, trying to safeguard the transition to a duly elected President Biden administration. He was scared to death of what the country was on the edge of.”

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