Steve Schmidt: ‘I Don’t Blame Gen. Milley for Any of This’

‘There’s no question, Nicolle, that he was unfit and that he met every standard that you could have ever possibly thought through for invocation of the 25th Amendment’


SCHMIDT: "Secondarily, and I agree with General McCaffrey, I do think that history will likely regard General Milley as an honorable man. But what this represents is a shattering of civilian-military relations in this country. On whose instructions did the principal military advisor and senior ranking military officer in the United States pick up the phone and have that conversation with General Li in China? Who initiated that conversation? Was he responding to a prompt from the Chinese? The American people, certainly the American government, the Congress of the United States and its oversight capacity has to get an answer to this. Now, I don’t blame General Milley for any of this inasmuch as I blame Donald Trump after years of vandalism, the near collapse of the government of the United States. And what you see here is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff acting outside of any boundaries that were ever considered for the job in an extraconstitutional manner. I think that should frighten all of us. It’s extremely alarming."

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