Tucker: The Real Crisis Is Not Covid, It’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Roaming in Any of Our Big Cities

‘They know the greatest crisis in America actually faces is the disintegration of America itself’


CARLSON: “Americans are dying in large numbers of self-inflicted deaths, caused by sadness and neglect. That is true. The footage we're about to show you makes this point. It was shot in downtown Philadelphia not along ago, but it could have been in nearly any big city in America: Chicago or San Francisco or Seattle or New York or Washington, D.C. Pick one. And the video is not a secret. It has millions of hits on YouTube. And here’s the interesting thing. No one in Washington we’ve heard has mentioned it. Did you see that? Right there on the screen. That’s the real crisis that we face. It’s right in front of us. The walking dead, haunting our cities and forgotten rural towns. How did they get there? There are hundreds and hundreds of them just in Philadelphia — shuffling, moaning, shooting up, dying — all under daylight in a major American city. And by the way, right down the street from where our founding documents were written. Imagine the selfless geniuses who framed our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, returning 250 years later to see what their country has become. So that is the actual crisis that we face; it’s the degradation of our people.” 

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