Pelosi: Climate Change Is a National Security Issue

‘We have a moral responsibility to our children to pass on this planet in the most responsible way possible’


PELOSI: “... a health issue and economic and financial issue for families. Lowering the cost for healthcare, home healthcare, childcare, and the rest. And it will create jobs. Millions of jobs, good paying jobs, while tackling the climate crisis and advancing economic justice. For the children, you know that's my why to be in Congress or the public service, is for the children. And we owe it to our children to pass on the planet in a very responsible way. This reconciliation bill goes well beyond -- well, it's hardly addressed in the infrastructure bill for reasons that you're well aware -- but in this reconciliation bill, we recognize, we recognize that saving the planet, addressing the climate crisis is a health issue. The air our children breathe, the water they drink, safety of the environment in which they can thrive. It's a jobs issue. Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, to be preeminent in the world in the new green technologies. Our initiatives are in furtherance of that, having America be in the lead. Departure from previous administration, in terms of our public role in all of that. Healthcare, jobs, security, national security experts will tell you that the competition for habitat and resources causing migrations and conflicts are a national security issue.”

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