Rep. Lee: Texas Abortion Law ‘Fundamentally Anti-Democratic and Anti-American’

‘We’re going to do something in Congress very quickly’


LEE: "I hope that we do see even larger wave of backlash this time. Voters have already said very clearly they support woman’s full range of active to reproductive health services, including breast cancer screenings, including mammograms, including birth control, and including abortion care, the full range of reproductive health services is extremely important for women, for low income women, women of color, indigenous people, for people of color, for the LGBTQI community, for young people, rural people, it’s extremely important. And so everyone should have access to their constitutional right to an abortion. And this is a fundamentally anti- Democratic, anti-American bill and we’re going to do something in Congress very quickly and I want to just applaud Congresswoman Judy Chu who has the Women’s Health Protection Act. We’re going to pass that. The speaker has made a commitment to that."

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