Colbert Slams O’Reilly, Stossel for Discouraging Viewers To Help Poor

‘Jesus would not be down with taking my taxes to pay for food stamps’

COLBERT: "Folks, the holiday season is upon us unless you are jewish in which case it is already come and gone. So depressing to see the menorahs out on the curb. Vut i'm saddened that people are losing sight of the true meaning of Christmas. Punching a grandma for a PS4. Instead folks like Washington Representative Jim McDermott always twists Jesus's teachings to make it all about caring for your fellow man."
[video clip]
MCDERMOTT: "We're the richest nation in the world and when Jesus had the five loafs and two fishes, he didn't charge food stamps. He didn't ask anybody how much money they had. He fed them because they were hungry."
[end video clip]

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