Kevin McCarthy: Biden ‘Has Ruined Our Reputation on the World Stage’

‘I think he is allowing the Taliban direct our reputation, but more importantly our foreign policy’


MCCARTHY: "I think he's ruined our reputation on the world stage. I think he is allowing the Taliban to direct our reputation, but more importantly our foreign policy. When you have countries such as the U.K. and France that are in Afghanistan for only one reason, that America was attacked, that are begging us to extend the deadline past the 31st so they can get their citizens out, that the president sides with the Taliban because the Taliban told him when? That is a very sad day for America. And you know what Nancy Pelosi said on the floor? That it was a good day for America and Democrats. Because all they focused on was this spending and what the president talked. Are they so tone deaf that they don’t know what’s happening in the world? This is not going to harm us for the next week, this is going to harm us for the next two decades. We’re leaving Americans behind. And when he gives the date, President Biden of August 31st, it’s really the 28th. That’s when all the troops have to be out. So they have to start shutting down now. What are you telling those Americans and maybe they’re not in Kabul but they are somewhere in Afghanistan? How will they get out?" 

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