Dr. Osterholm: I Wish Aspirin Had a Safety Profile that Good As Covid Vaccine

‘The worst thing you want to do is watch your child in an ICU struggle to make it to the next day’

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OSTERHOLM: "Well, remember first of all that the Pfizer vaccine now has been actually licensed for 15 years of age and older. So from that perspective just remember that that’s been approved completely. The 12 to 15-year-old age group is one that is approved, emergency use authorization for which we expect full approval to come in the near days ahead. That vaccine is, in fact, safe and effective in that age group. When we get a bit below that, the doses are going to start reducing some. But let me just remind you of this, 185 million people in this country have received one of the MRNA vaccines, either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccines, and if you look at the only side effect that those vaccines have had has been a type of inflammation around the heart called myocarditis. It’s very, very rare and it's typically very mild. Not one person, this is an important number, not one person in this country has died as a result of the 185 million people who have received the vaccine. I wish Aspirin had a safety profile that good. And so we have to emphasize these vaccines are incredibly safe and they are incredibly effective. And the worst thing you want to do is watch your child in an ICU struggle to make it to the next day.”

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