Former CIA Analyst Matt Zeller: Taliban Are Actively Taking People’s Passports in Kabul

‘I have had U.S. citizens who had their U.S. passports taken from them, green cards taken from them’


ZELLER: "We’re hoping to have a meeting soon with the administration. And what we’re going to be pushing for is exactly that. We have a beachhead in Kabul. It’s not a very effective beachhead, as we can clearly see. There are scenes of chaos at the airport. What we need is for the U.S. Military to expand that perimeter so that it’s more effective for people to be able to get in. We need to basically tell the Taliban that they need to shut down their checkpoints in the city because they’re actively taking people’s passports, I have had U.S. citizens who had their U.S. passports taken from them, their green cards taken from them, Afghans are having their documentation stolen by the Taliban in an attempt to prevent them from being able to even get into the air base. So enough of this. We’re the United States military. We have the most powerful military on the planet. We should use it for good. We should establish a humanitarian corridor in Kabul and provide safe passage for whoever needs to get to the airport for as long as this takes. The only person who can do that is the President of the United States, so I really hope somebody who works for him or himself is watching because that’s what we need. He’s the one person who can save these people’s lives."

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