CNN Segment Celebrates Dallas School District for Ignoring State Supreme Court, Imposing Anti-Science Mask Mandate

‘The Texas Supreme Court ruling is very narrow according to officials here and so it is allowing for hearings in lower courts to continue’


FLORES: “Well, you know, it is really a showdown here, Kate, between local government and state government. I grew up in Texas. Very early on in elementary school we learned the phrase 'Don’t mess with Texas.' Well, that is what local officials are telling the governor of this state. They’re putting up a fight even after the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of Governor Greg Abbott on his ban against mask mandates. But these local officials have good attorneys, they're taking a look at that ruling very carefully, they're looking at the details. The Texas Supreme Court's ruling is very narrow according to officials here, and so it's allowing for hearings in lower courts to continue. There is one going on right now in San Antonio. And according to the Dallas Independent School District superintendent, it also doesn’t include his specific school district, so he says that the mask mandate here in Dallas ISD continues and parents that we talked to are on his side.“

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