Chicago Health Official Says ‘No Evidence’ Lollapalooza Was a Super Spreader Event

‘We’ve had no unexpected findings at this point’


ARWADY: “So, for example, I showed some of that age group and some of what we’ve been seeing in terms of Chicago breakdown, have not seen anything different at the city level in terms of patterns that would suggest an impact from Lolla. And then we obviously will continue to do further investigation is necessary but I want to make sure everybody understands, any person diagnosed with Covid-19 on or after attending Lollapalooza is included in the analysis. So these cases may or may not have resulted from transmission at Lolla itself, we’ve been very broad here. Anybody who is potentially associated, we want to investigate. So, we’re not saying that every one of these folks was infected at Lolla. In fact, we expect they they were not but we take a very broad view because we want to understand the whole picture. So now, 14 days post, as I said, we’ve had no unexpected findings at this point. There’s no evidence at this point of a super spreader event and there’s no evidence of substantial impact to Chicago’s Covid epidemiology."

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