CNN: YouTube Suspends Sen. Rand Paul for Spreading Misinformation on Masks

‘Senator Rand Paul is the second GOP lawmaker to be suspended from a social media platform for spreading misinformation about Covid’


TODD: "That’s right, Wolf. Senator Paul has been on an absolute tear recently, issuing videos with a lot of misinformation on masks and vaccines, sparring with Dr. Anthony Fauci in those videos and in Senate hearings. Tonight the social media giants are bringing the hammer down on Senator Paul and other Republicans who have trafficked in Covid misinformation. Senator Rand Paul, in the middle of a growing battle tonight between social media giants and Republican politicians who spout misinformation on the Covid pandemic. Senator Paul has just been suspended by YouTube, forbidden by the video platform from uploading content for a week. YouTube cites a video Paul made, specifically this phrase where he claims some masks are ineffective at fighting Covid."

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