Adm. Giroir: Masks Aren’t Perfect But When Children Wear Masks in School, They Are Safe

‘We have to get children back in school’


GIROIR: "Well, I do believe it's a conservative principle. And I believe in local control. And I believe we should empower local communities, local school districts, parents, to decide on their own, what's best for the children. And if that's a mask mandate, in the local community, I think we should allow that to happen. We know that masks aren't perfect. But we do know they are effective. And we do know, in relationship to schools, that when children do wear masks in schools, whether you physically distance or not, they are safe. And we have to get children back in school. And that seems to be the easiest way to do that, and to empower local communities, without mandates either way, I think local communities and parents will do the right thing, especially with Delta surging, and the tremendous increase in cases, in young children that you pointed out in this segment."

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