Dorian Warren: ‘Incredible’ Crowds for Sanders; Clinton ‘Trying to Stay Relevant’

‘Hillary Clinton is trying to stay relevant and setting a policy agenda for the Democratic Party’

BRZEZINSKI: “Hillary Clinton, Dorian, meanwhile, was also trying to make some news yesterday with what her policies are, talking about the expenses with colleges and certain solutions there, I mean, these are real issues that I actually think resonate with people, as you can see, what Bernie Sanders is able to do with an important message.” 

WARREN: “That's right. You see the incredible crowd for Bernie Sanders right now. I think the number -- people are saying it's around 27,000 in Los Angeles yesterday. So Hillary Clinton is trying to stay relevant in setting a policy agenda for the Democratic Party. So she announced her huge student loan policy proposal yesterday, which would basically provide no loan tuition at state public universities and colleges. Now that stops short of what Sanders and even Martin O'Malley have offered in terms of free, debt free higher education across the board. But there is a substantive policy debate happening there. She's right to try to refocus attention on policy issues.”

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