Scott Jennings: Biden Talks Like a Moderate and Governs Like a Progressive; ‘Sincerity’ Is Why He Beat Trump

‘It’s what Donald Trump could never get right and it’s what he got right’


JENNINGS: "I mean, he talks like a moderate. He talks like someone you would expect to be reasonable from a governing perspective. But as was said, he governs like a progressive. He has produced a lot of progressive policies that I would suspect made a lot of people on the far left pretty happy and maybe surprised at how progressive he has been. I think his best traits were on display tonight from just a purely political perspective and reminded me of why he beat Donald Trump last year. On the pandemic, he appears to be sincere about giving a damn about the American people and what we’ve been through on this pandemic. It’s what Donald Trump could never get right and it’s what he got right. It was on display tonight. He was sharp on the vaccines and honest about the vaccines.”

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