Bret Baier Reacts to Trump Attacks on His Arizona Coverage with Fact-Checks

‘Maricopa county says its election server is not connected to the Internet and independent auditors found no evidence of a breach there’


BAIER: “Bill, thank you. Former President Trump put out a statement this weekend insisting voter fraud and irregularities cost him Arizona’s Electoral College votes. He pointed to the reporting on this show on Friday. Points to a third party audit presented to the Arizona state Senate showing 168,000 ballots were printed on illegal paper and elections official in maricopa paper approved by. If there is action from the Arizona state Senate from this issue has it not not happened yet. 47,000 mail in ballots received never mailed that appears to be based on data that does not show the total mail-in vote and does not reflect the total early vote either. Something acknowledged by the third party audit itself. Audited to the roll after the election and still voted. Again maricopa county officials say provisional votes go through a rigorous are verification process to ensure validity. They say only eligible voters added to the rolls, again, they are in charge of that election. Also the Trump claim that all access logs to the voting machines were wiped was debunked back in may by the Republican chairman of the county board of supervisors.”

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