FNC’s Hilton: General Mark Milley ‘Should Be Removed Immediately’

‘Mark Milley pandering to wokeism in Congress last week’

(Via Breitbart)


HILTON: “The entire purpose of wokeism and critical theory as we’ve explained here many times, is to deny the validity of different points of view, teaching it, even tolerating it for one second is the opposite of what Milley pompously claimed he is doing. At best, General Milley’s remarks were a sign of intellectual laziness. At worst, he was being completely disingenuous. Either way, as the ‘Wall Street Journal’ Editorial Board pointed out by so recklessly taking aside in our most contested cultural battle, Milley has already put respect for the military at risk. General Milley has made himself a divisive factional figure, and for that reason alone, should be removed immediately.”


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