Tucker Carlson Doubles Down, Accuses Gen. Mark Milley of a ‘Race Attack’ for Saying He Wants To ‘Understand White Rage’

‘White rage is not a medical condition’


CARLSON: “So let’s be really clear. White rage is not a medical condition, not even a legitimate academic theory. It doesn’t exist. White rage is a racial attack, it’s an attack against people on the basis of their skin color so here you have the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in a congressional hearing leveling a race attack against American citizens. That is disgraceful, disqualifying, without precedent. When was the last time that happened? Not only is it okay to complain about it, it ought to be chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who attacks Americans based on their skin color. It’s disgusting. He is not running from the United States Senate from Pennsylvania. Thank you so much for coming on. So there is this feeling even among Republicans that if the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff comes out in a hearing that all of a sudden starts attacking people because of their skin color, you are just supposed to ignore it because he’s a general and you’re not. Do you think you should ignore this?”

(Via Mediaite)

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