Fallon Mocks Graham’s Comments in New Hampshire GOP Forum

‘I hope he gets elected, just so I can hear more of his — more of his threats’

FALLON: "Last night was the voters’ first Republican forum in New Hampshire. This is where all the candidates got together for some tough talk about the election. And at one point, Senator Lindsey Graham said his foreign policy would be a choice between a clinched fist and an open hand. I hope he gets elected, just so I can hear more of his —  more of his threats. “What’s it going to be Putin? You want the Dwayne Johnson or you want the Graham?" That’s right. Lindsey Graham also praised the days when Republicans and Democrats would work together and get drinks afterwards. In fact, he even said, quote, “Maybe we need to drink more in Washington.” Then someone told him, “Senator Graham, the debate is over. You’re talking to the lamp.” He was like, “You’re the one who’s a lamp! You want the fist or you want a a real housewife?”"

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