Trump Jr.: ‘If an Attack on Fauci Is an Attack on Science, Then an Attack on Bill Cosby Is an Attack on Comedy’

‘ What they are doing with Anthony Fauci is insane’


TRUMP JR.: “I wrote a book called “Liberal privilege.” And I would love to see the media commentary on it fit was me or anyone in my family even remotely talking close to that. It’s insane. That’s the double standard. They have been long and you did a great job talking about it. The one you didn’t include was someone I know that is near and dear to my heart called ms-13 animals. Remember the media response? They were just raged. That was another one they got wrongs for the purpose of trying to hurt Donald Trump. This media cover-up is insane. What they are doing with Anthony Fauci is insane. If an attack on Anthony Fauci is science, then an attack on Bill Cosby is an attack on comedy.”

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