Charlie Kirk: VP Kamala Harris Has to Take ‘Responsibility’ for the Border

‘Kamala Harris and Joe Biden created this crisis by repealing Donald Trump’s policies’


KIRK: "It's very simple. When you're a leader and you’re put in charge of something, you can assume, you could delegate — you could delegate choices, but you cannot delegate responsibility, and this is a very important thing. She has to take responsibility for this. And that requires visiting and listening. And you want to know why all of a sudden Republicans won this weekend a mayor race in McAllen, Texas, an 85 percent Hispanic town, by the way, in Hidalgo County? Because Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have created this crisis by repealing Donald Trump’s effective immigration policies and working with the Central American countries, and now Hispanic voters that were traditionally Democrat on the border, they’re saying, you know what, you’re not even visiting, you are acting as if this is not a problem, we don't want to deal with that anymore. And that's the untold story this last weekend.”

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