Michael Harriot: We Can’t Understand the History of This Country Without Critical Race Theory

‘First of all, no one is teaching critical race theory in schools’


HARRIOT: “I think what we have to understand is, first of all, no one is teaching crt, critical race theory in schools. They might be using critical race theory to come up with a lesson plan, but the truth is that we can’t understand the history of this country without looking at it in — if you can’t understand, for instance, take where you are, for instance, if you can’t understand why there’s such a wealth disparate in Tulsa, you can’t understand that unless you look at what happened in 1921 and what critical race theory says is to understand some of the things that we — some of the disparities, some of the discrimination that we still face today, you have to go back in history and look at it critically through the lens of race.”

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