Chuck Todd: Trump Will Be Wild, Crazy and on the Attack During the Debate

Scarborough: ‘I guess my point is at some point doesn’t somebody have to knock him off his perch?’


SCARBOROUGH: “Chuck, you talked to the Donald yesterday. You talked to a lot of people. A lot of skepticism across the Republican party over the past several months. And now here we are going into the first debate. Trump on top. Center stage. And people wondering what happens. I guess my point is at some point doesn't somebody have to knock him off his perch? Every day he is center stage at the top of the polls. He becomes a bit more established?”

TODD: “Well, Joe, I'm with you. If you comes through Thursday night and, you know, don't forget the expectations for him is that it's going to be -- he's going to be wild and crazy and on the attack. What if he doesn't meet that low bar, right? What if he -- he's got almost an easy threshold to hit to be able to say, wow, the viewer might say, boy, that's not as crazy as everybody painted him to be. And you do get a sense that that's sort of where his mindset is at. You saw it yesterday. He was more of a Clark Kent version of Donald Trump. And the other thing I noticed, you have seen Jeb Bush with Lester holt on Friday when asked about the debate? It's a different tone from Jeb Bush.”

BRZEZINSKI: “It definitely is.”

TODD: “You know what? There's a part of the electorate that he's appealing to. But it was not nearly what Jeb Bush sounded like two weeks ago. There really seems to be almost an acceptance that he's here to stay.”

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