Rick Perry: I’m Going to Push Back Hard Against Trump When He Attacks Veterans

‘I know what the cost of this war is, and I’m not going to let anybody belittle those individuals’

PERRY: "I’d say those issues that he has talked about, we’ve been talking about for a long time. This is an individual who has extraordinary celebrity. But I’m not going to be quiet, Chris, when Donald Trump shoots a bullet through John McCain and hits veterans, particularly those that have been captured. I’ll challenge Donald Trump. You go tell Marcus Luttrell who was captured by the Taliban that he doesn’t like being around people that have been captured. I think that was one of the low moments of this campaign from my perspective. And I’m not going to be quiet about that. I’m going to — I’m going to clearly push back and I’m going to push back hard because — I’ll tell you one thing — having worn the uniform of this country, I know what men and women have gone through. I wrote a letter a week from ‘03 through 2010 to a parent or a loved one of a young Texan who lost their life on the war on terror. I know what the cost of this war is, and I’m not going to let anybody belittle those individuals. I’m going to stand up and pushback and I’m going to pushback hard."


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