Chuck Todd on Trump: ‘This Was Clark Kent,’ Not Superman or Bizarro

‘This was mild-mannered Donald Trump’

TODD: “All right, let me bring in panel. Jerry Seib, my partner in crime with The Wall Street Journal poll, Washington bureau chief there; Helene Cooper, Pentagon correspondent for The New York Times; Kathleen Parker, comes from The Washington Post; and of course, Chris Matthews. Let me start with Trump here, Chris Matthews. Rope-a-dope. This was mild-mannered Donald Trump. This was a Clark Kent version of that. You called him a cartoon character, a superhero –“ [Crosstalk]

MATTHEWS: “No, a comic book hero.”

TODD: “Yeah, this is Clark Kent. This wasn't Superman or Bizarro Superman.”

MATTHEWS: “Yeah, I think he's going to win there with probably a proposal on taxes, if it helps the working-class guy out there. And then he'll wait for somebody to attack him. And that counterattack will be a lot more fun to watch. But I think he will surprise people that way.”

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