Dana Perino on New CDC Guidance: The Science Didn’t Change, the Political Winds Did

‘I think we should all just be honest about what really changed here’


PERINO: “I think the one thing that I'd really like to get some answers on is just two weeks ago — last week, excuse me, last week, Rochelle Walensky, she's the head of the CDC, she testifies in front of Congress. And they’re grilling her about the mask mandates. And she’s just stalwart. Absolutely not, we need to wear masks, we need to wear masks. Then all of a sudden on Wednesday night they tell the White House that it’s okay now? And then they tell — they wait till Thursday morning to tell the President, then he rolls this out at 1:00 on Thursday. To me, the science didn’t change in the last four days. What changed was the political winds. And I would imagine that — I’m not against the decision that they made or the announcement that they made, but I think we should all just be honest about what really changed here. To me, it was the politics."

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