Stacey Abrams: It Is Insufficient for Us to Focus on the Traditional Masculine Areas of the Economy

‘The notion that recovery would happen overnight is just ... unfounded’

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ABRAMS: "Actually, I would see it a different way. We know this is a complicated challenge, a pandemic that’s affected the economy for women in devastating ways, and the notion that recovery would happen overnight is just — it’s unfounded. Instead what we’re seeing are the combination of being able to survive the pandemic and start to build towards recovery, and I think that’s why the American jobs plan and the American families plan are both so incredibly important because it recognizes that the economy of care which employs so many women has got to be seen as an essential part of how we rebuild our economy, and that it is insufficient for us to simply focus on the traditional masculine areas of the economy, recognizing that we have to have women in every area, but that in particular women have been hardest hit, and therefore we need intentional engagement and intervention to rebuild it back more solidly."

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