Dana Perino: Upcoming Benghazi Movie Could Spell Trouble for Hillary

‘[Critics] will probably judge this movie even before it’s out … [judgment] will depend on whether she comes out looking good or bad’

KELLY: “Wow! Dana Perino is co-host of "The Five" right here on FNC and former White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush. She's also the author of, "And The Good News Is." It is dramatic and it's going to come out at what she may consider an inconvenient time. Will it have any impact?”

PERINO: “It is possible. This is just the trailer. Okay? So, it is sort of like judging a meal by looking at the menu. So, we don't exactly know. But we know that the Left and the Liberals are so concerned about this movie that they have already put resources behind trying to tear it down. The most important thing I think in my opinion, your opinion is that the movie does justice to the victims. This is a true story, it was a dramatic event in American history. I do think that one thing it will do for sure is to showcase that there are people who think that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy and secretive to a false and also will do anything to try to help herself politically. And what I mean by that is remember that the Obama administration we still don't know who exactly pushed the video but it's pretty clear that it came from the left and that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama repeat this lie. They have the video maker arrested.”

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