Michelle Obama: ‘I Want Young People To Be Comfortable’ Addressing Mental Health Issues

‘I have developed my own set of tools’


OBAMA: “Sometimes we just need to speak the truth. You know, when there’s such uncertainty and unrest and -- and -- and lack of leadership and calm, it is upsetting. It shakes you. But the point is is that, you know, there are dips, ebbs and flows to life. There are times when you feel great and times when you feel really low. But it’s important for us to own that that happens to us. For me, you know, I have developed my own set of tools. Number one, I tell you this all the time, sometimes I have to turn it off.”
KING: "Yeah. The TV. Yeah."
OBAMA: "Sometimes I cannot continue to take it in. Not that —"
KING: "You did tell me that. Yeah. And turn it off." [crosstalk]
OBAMA: "I have to turn it off. But I think I want young people to be comfortable with identifying those peaks and valleys and knowing that these — those valleys don’t last forever."
KING: "Don’t last always."
OBAMA: "And I just -- I just don’t want any young person to make a decision about anything when they’re in a valley, you know, they have to know the time will move you to a better place."

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