Rand Paul: There Is ‘No Excuse’ for Planned Parenthood Funding

‘We should end all funding for Planned Parenthood’

"For many of us one of our first images we see of our children is the image on ultrasound. Many people have a framed picture of their children before they were born on ultrasound. I think what was particularly appalling is that we see ultrasound being used to manipulate the baby into a position so they can remove the body parts and preserve liver, lung, and heart for harvesting and sale.
"I think that is particularly appalling and in contrast to what most Americans would think moral and responsible. I think it is important to know there are 9,000 community health centers across the country which do everything that Planned Parenthood does except for abortion.
"There is absolutely no need for public funding of Planned Parenthood. There’s no excuse for it and we should end all funding for Planned Parenthood." 

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