AOC: Deficit Is Not ‘the Most Important Thing’ upon Which We Should Be Hinging Our Infrastructure Plan On

‘I don’t think that the deficit is the most important thing upon which we should be hinging our infrastructure and jobs plan on’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: "I don't think that the deficit is the most important thing upon which we should be hinging the — our infrastructure and jobs plan on. I think — it's not the deficit. It's things like employment, it's things like our poverty rate in the United States, or rather, unemployment as well. It's — we should be pegging this to the actual material circumstances that we want to measure ourselves against in improving people's lives in this country. When we talk about the deficit and Republicans are playing hardball here, you know, I didn't see them being this concerned when they passed the 2017 tax scam that not only added trillions of dollars to our deficit, but also was in complete contrary to any sort of economic wisdom, which is that you actually deficit spend when times are tough so that we make the important investments necessary, like in infrastructure, where for every, you know —some assessments have put every one dollar put in infrastructure creates six dollars in economic activity.”

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