Reid on Koch Bros./Ex-Im Bank: GOP’s Saying, ‘What Do the Brothers Want Today?’

‘A vote against [Export-Import Bank] reauthorization is nothing more than a shameless attempt to garner the affection of the Koch brothers’


HARRY REID: "It's not only for Boeing and caterpillar and big companies, it's for thousands and thousands of small businesses. Most of the jobs in America are created not by the great big companies, but by small businesses. And they need this. They want this. That's why even the U.S. Chamber of commerce, even the U.S. Chamber of commerce, they must have been desperate to finally siding with us on something. They support the ex-im bank. This year alone, the export-import bank supported 165,000 jobs here in America. A vote for that bank is a vote for jobs, a healthy economy and the prosperity of American families. Conversely, a vote against reauthorization is nothing more than a shameless attempt to garner the affection of the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers. After all, opposition to the export-import bank is a prerequisite to having their support. Every person running for president stumble over themselves to say, oh, what do the brothers want today? What they want today is a vote against this bank, contrary to the needs of the American people. The Koch brothers distributed a survey to the Republican presidential hopefuls that essentially obligates those candidates to oppose the ex-im bank. So I ask my colleagues here today, are you working for the American people? Are you doing the dirty work for a couple of billionaire oil barons?"

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