CNN’s Avlon: It’s Been 100 Days Since a Violent Mob of Trump Supporters Attacked the US Capitol

‘They called themselves patriots’


AVLON: "It’s been 100 days since our Capitol was attacked by a violent mob of Trump supporters. They believed his big lie and many wanted to stop Congress from certifying a free and fair election and came ready to commit insurrection. They called themselves patriots. They’ve been revealed to be traitors and terrorists. Now a lot of new information has come out the past few weeks, and it can be hard to keep track as the new cycle moves on and false partisan narratives take hold. So, let’s start with facts first. More than 370 people have been charged to far, hailing from 43 states. More than 140 officers were injured in the attack and one died, two others died by suicide. The rioters were overwhelmingly white men over age 35. And don’t believe the hype this was about economic anxiety, because 85% were employed, 30% were white-collar workers. and 14% were business owners — that's according to an analysis by the University of Chicago which also concluded that fear of great replacement was a key driver among the insurrectionists.”

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