U.S. Army General: Police Must Change the Way They Are Dealing with Communities

‘You must change in the way you were dealing with communities’


MOORE: “I am really proud of the leadership that we have, overturning the governor’s veto of this, you know, led by our Speaker Adrienne Jones and Senator Bill Ferguson and Senator Carter and delegates like C.T. Wilson and Delegate Moon and Delegate Stephanie Smith, because they’re fighting for reforms that were not just long overdue, but our community had been crying for. And so — and we’re talking about changes when we say like, what are the changes that are incorporated in this bill. You know, changes that officers must wear body cameras. This shouldn’t be under debate. In fact, officers have often been —“
BRZEZINSKI: “Exactly.”
MOORE: “— the ones who are pushing for this. Because this also holds not just them accountable, but hold communities accountable, limiting no-knock warrants, requiring that every county has police accountability boards, saying that force against people should be necessary and proportionate. These are not drastic, but they are necessary. Because it’s showing our community that you must be involved in a process of policing, but it’s also showing policing that you must change in the way you were dealing with communities.”

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