Joy Reid Claims Rep. Chip Roy Celebrated the Lynching of Asian Americans, Black Americans Over the Course of U.S. History

‘Lynchings are very real and vert ugly part of the American history’


REID: "So who exactly does Congressman Doesn’t-Know-How-to-Wear-a-Mask-Like-an-Adult Roy think received justice from being strung up from oak trees in Texas, also known as lynching? Historically speaking, the people he’s referring to as 'the bad guys' were actually the victims of these very American extrajudicial murders and they were overwhelmingly black Americans and other people of color. In fact, one of the largest mass lynchings in U.S. history was committed against Chinese Americans in Los Angeles in 1871 when a mob of about 500 white men entered old Chinatown in a block called Calle de los Negros, Negro Alley, after a police officer was injured and a civilian helping to respond to a dispute between rival groups was killed. In a violent frenzy that ensued, after rumors spread that the Chinese were killing white people, the lynch mob created a makeshift gallows and hanged or shot up to 20 Chinese immigrants. Lynchings are a very real and very ugly part of American history, so for Congressman Roy to glorify them is, well, it is clarifying.”

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